Auburn Hills Moving Project Management

When you need to move a workspace or industrial space, there are a lot of steps to plan for than merely moving the contents. That is where Corrigan Moving’s experienced Project Management team takes charge. Because we have been relocating workplaces, manufacturing spaces, and laboratories, we’re veterans at planning for all the small particulars besides merely moving. Our qualified Project Management team will manage every detail of your relocation – standing with you through every step. Our team is devoted to guiding you through a favorable, on-budget completion. Our expertise allows us to reduce interruption and provide actual cost reduction to your organization.

Whether faced with a headquarter office move, building renovations, manufacturing or a different kind of business project, you will feel relief in being confident that Corrigan Moving has a database of over 450 qualified service providers and the transportation expertise to aid you from beginning to end. Corrigan Moving is a seasoned moving and storage company with over 90 years of expertise in transportation and office relocations. With a specialized project management Auburn Hills team, we see to it that companies with an upcoming complex move enjoy the assistance they require. Contact us now and see to it that your move is starting on the right foot.

Move Planning & Development

Our Project Management team will create a specific, customized project plan that satisfies the unique needs set forth by your company’s larger business strategy. We flesh out every step, thoroughly reporting any possible challenges and planning for each possible contingency.

Warranted On-Time Delivery

We guarantee on-time project delivery on all our provided services and the services of our contracted partners. Our guarantee is based on key deliverables developed by both parties. Corrigan Moving will ensure these results in writing and determine financial compensation for any deficits - a real commitment to moving excellence!

Real Time Metric Auditing

Our industry leading project management method gives regular dashboards and budget projections throughout the life of your relocation. All this data will be sent directly to key members of your organization’s relocation team.

Budget Development & Management

Feel confident knowing that our knowledgeable project managers partner with you and your financial department to build a relocation budget that increases your company’s ROI. Corrigan Moving will continually review your relocation budget through project close and closing billing.

Space & Asset Decommissioning

After you’ve vacated your workplace or mechanical space, our revival and decommissioning solutions are at your service to help with any last-minute tenant tasks. We have the expertise to manage space renovation, salvage, resale, and more.

Our project management Auburn Hills team can make sure your move is productive and on-budget

Whether handling a expansive workspace or industrial move, you will considerably benefit from contacting Corrigan Moving. Our Auburn Hills project management team has successfully worked with companies that have presented us with moves of different types. We provide for each customer a unique plan of action. Since every job will reveal different complications, we choose to approach it from a custom standpoint.

Our project management team in Auburn Hills will start by all the details of your move. Following the assessment of your needs, we will sit down and create a custom plan of action. Our scope of work will cover every aspect of your future move and every step will be explained. With a detailed plan, we make sure to eliminate any chance for confusion. Every person on the team will know their role, and they will have a strict timeline. Corrigan Moving is a company that values your busy schedule. When we provide you a deadline of when we expect to finish a relocation, you can be confident that we will honor it.

Enjoy a simple and efficient project with our Auburn Hills team

As of right now, the need to safely transporting an entire warehouse or workspace might be daunting. However, as soon as you call Corrigan Moving, you will be able to take a sigh of relief. Our project management Auburn Hills team can accommodate the move that is upcoming. From creating a blueprint, to executing it perfectly, you’ll be able to count on us. Our project management team is here for any event and move types, so don't wait to request a no-cost estimate.

Begin researching your stress-free move with our library of resources

Look through our hand-picked collection of resource articles put together to help with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include packing videos, moving checklists, and important paperwork.