Auburn Hills Storage Services

Recent polls show that one in eleven Americans will need storage during their relocation. Storage is a huge industry that keeps on increasing year after year. Considering odds are likely that you will be in need of storage at some point in time, we here at Corrigan Moving know storage is an essential part of the services we provide. We own storage warehouses in Auburn Hills. Residents advise Corrigan Moving’s storage warehouses are a safe bet, as they provide full protection for your special belongings. Reach out for all the relevant details regarding our storage solutions. Our skilled professionals will happily help you select the best storage option for your relocation.


We provide complete safeguarding for your beloved belongings

Just like moving your items, storing them is just as crucial when protecting your most important belongings. Items that are housed in inappropriate storage facilities most frequently get damaged due to moisture or rodents. At Corrigan Moving, we take our word to you seriously, and we know we must deliver with superiority every step of the way. Because of this, we have made sure to cover all nooks and crannies that could create an area of problems for your belongings.

Our warehouse storage locations in Auburn Hills are totally secure and monitored 24/7. With constant monitoring, you can be at ease knowing that your items are professionally secured within our warehouse. Corrigan Moving’s inside storage solutions provide proper shielding from summer and winter extremes as well as any wrongdoing. That's why our next goal was to be certain that there are no rodents or insects on our premises.

With constant insect and rodent monitoring of our facilities, we will absolutely keep unsavory visitors away from your belongings. Corrigan Moving pays a lot of attention to the degree of cleanliness inside and outside our warehouses. Our promise to keeping our property pest-free ensures that you aren't greeted by any unwelcome surprises once you unpack your stored items.


Store different types of belongings inside storage vaults Auburn Hills residents love

There are several assorted situations that may make you research a storage solution in Michigan. From relocating to renovating your home, chances are high that you will need to look for storage solutions in the near future. If you you need to store personal possessions or business fixtures, as we can provide you with the right solution, as soon as you contact us.

Corrigan Moving has spacious storage options in Auburn Hills. Our storage crates can comfortably hold common household furniture, appliances, collectibles, but also larger goods, such as motorcycles. Therefore, the sole objects that we can’t store are the ones that belong to the list of non-allowables inside storage. We will be happy to help you decide whether an belonging that you own is dangerous, meaning that it isn't allowed to be stored in Auburn Hills.

Also, we can provide both extended and brief storage options for you to consider. We are a flexible moving company that wants to make sure that you receive as much aid as you need. Thus, you can rely on us to assist in your choice for the optimal storage option for your needs. You have our whole team of industry experts ready to answer your questions anytime.


We will pad wrap and transport your possessions into storage

While it might not seem like it at first, delivering your belongings in storage can be more involved than one may think. It involves labeling and sorting the goods you would like to store, loading your storage goods, and then transporting them to the storage facility. With a nine-to-five job, many folks aren’t able to devote all of this time to the moving and storage project. This is a reminder you can get all the assistance you deserve from our Corrigan Moving professionals.

We make sure to properly pad wrap your items, ensuring an optimal level of safety when in storage. Our professionals will also be sure to expertly configure your belongings into the storage vault. We like to take from you from as many obligations and obligations as we can, enabling you to enjoy your relocation and storage process.

Corrigan Moving puts specialized moving services at your disposal

Moving and storage are two undertakings that usually go together. If you are currently in need of a storage option, odds are high that you are also searching for relocation services in Auburn Hills. As a company with a past that dates back to 1929, we have expanded to included a wide range of relocation services in Auburn Hills. These days, you can contact our skilled professionals when looking for or needing:

You can blend our storage options with our relocation options, or you can choose one or another. With Corrigan Moving, you are in complete charge of the operation. Your only role is to request a complimentary relocation quote – we'll take it from there.


Call Corrigan Moving and ensure your items protected while in storage

The only reason of our storage facilities is to supply a pristine shelter for your items. When your possessions are in the possession at one of Corrigan Moving’s Auburn Hills warehouse locations, you won't need to experience sleepless nights, thinking about your possessions in storage. We here at Corrigan Moving will take the needed care so that your goods receive total protection, in a safe facility. Feel free to contact us and ask about the different storage strategies we provide.

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