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Selecting Your Employee Relocation Services Partner

How to Pick An Employee Relocation Services Provider

When selecting a relocating and storage and affiliate for your employee relocation program, it’s significant to see at the regular criterion such as economic position and abilities. When those criterions are united, look beyond the numbers and to what makes them a good associate for your employee relocation program.

  • What is the corporation’s tradition, do they assign the same values?
  • What does client support indicate to them?
  • How is condition assistance substantiated?

Culture and Values

How your employee relocation services partner appreciate their staff will likely have an impact on the complete assistance you can hope for your transferees and first hires. The level of trust and estimation that is given by a service partner is the basis upon which its workers will execute. As a fourth-generation family owned and operated corporation, Corrigan’s employees are more than only employees, they’re importantly a member of the Corrigan family. Corrigan’s respected employees have collected the top individual honors and place possible from United Van Lines – many of them more than once!

At Corrigan we truly trust that our crews are our recognizer and the assistance they provide is a contemplation of the respect given and trust instilled in any and every employee of Corrigan. All relocating and storage companies have warehouses, every person has trucks, and everybody has equipment. It’s the Corrigan persons that make a variation, from the leading edges of a relocation to the backside place to work, Corrigan’s staff genuinely care about what they’re executing, and it shows across in every employee relocation done before.

Customer Services

Let’s face it, much of face time is offered to customer service which, founded on understanding and presumption, might be fully an arbitrary thing. So, what exactly does good consumer support indicate to your employee relocation service associate and how is appropriate customer service delivered?

Customer assistance is instilled all over Corrigan. If it’s our forefront service suppliers working directly in the domiciles of our customers, or our staffs operating beyond the segment managing the advertising or technology for Corrigan, client assistance is offered at each and every opportunity with every relocation executed.

  • Home Survey

    As your preferred relocation services affiliate, Corrigan will give either a traditional in-house inspection or digital inspection. With the community depending more and more on innovation, virtual surveys are becoming the picked style of surveying. Corrigan’s coached and committed review crew control the corporations in offering correct virtual surveys. We know this is true, because we regularly monitor estimated weight in relation to actual weight when the move occurs as we work to develop our skills and reviewing tasks.
  • Estimate Review

    When the domicile inspection is finished and the estimate for services is prepared, a part of the Corrigan team will survey the fee for assistance and council the transferee on their spending. We are determined, as your employee relocation services provider, to verify the solidarity of your movement plan during offering the status support Corrigan is known for. Our crew will perform to give any transferee with resources that will assist them stay within statements.
  • Pre-Move Counseling

    Any transferee will be allocated an exclusive relocate manager who will work plainly with him/her all over each situation of the movement. Corrigan gives in progress training through the United Van Lines system as well as in-home for our relocate supervisors. Rest assured, as your picked employee relocation services partner, Corrigan’s team move supervisors are some of the best in the industry and have been recognized on more than one occasion for being the finest inside the United Van Lines system of negotiator!
  • Package, Load and Arrival Day

    We are joyful to be a member of an an exclusive category of moving and warehouse companies nationwide that are determined to frequently coaching our front-line assistance suppliers. Through the Kathleen Corrigan Coaching Center, workers studies the foundations of the moving industry ahead of arriving at a customer’s house. No other moving corporation provides the level of firsthand training that the Corrigan Academy offers.

With Corrigan as your picked employee relocation services partner, you can rest assured that you have a well-rounded team of instructed specialists performing both for you and for your new contracts and transferees. From the initial contact to the last delivery, as your employee relocation services giver, Corrigan’s crew of experts will perform alongside with your transferees to certify they have the facts they want when they need it. When our customers say, “…this was the best move ever!,” we notice we’ve supplied a smooth employee relocation and good customer service!

Quality Assistance

Corrigan contents itself on delivering quality service with any movement. We are a dedicated employee relocation services supplier with in progress quality actions. Corrigan strongly accepts that our ability to permanently elevate the moving experience is established on our ability to captivate, coach and reinstruct the appropriate in the relocating business.

Employee growth and expansion is taken seriously throughout the Corrigan organization. Each associate of our crew undergoes a deep background examine, complete with pre-employment and random drug testing. We’ve also built a state-of-the-art moving test topic inside our possibility to certify our teams are equipped with the required skills and know-how to manage our customers through the relocating activity prior to entering the area. Our entire team of experienced, highly instructed and committed team is committed to raising the industry basis.

Our staff have the training and tools to deliver the quality service Corrigan is known for. Maintaining and investing in high condition equipment is a necessary business practice for all moving and storage companies. Corrigan examines its annual capital investments a functional necessity as well as a recruitment opportunity for keeping drivers and teams.

Several topics must be contemplated when choosing the right employee relocation service associate for your corporation. Beyond the basic topics of procuring a company partner, it is important to contemplate your prospective partner’s implement ethics and tradition as well as how they describe high condition and customer services. Classifying some of the prospective affiliate’s organization foundations should show to be a valuable work when selecting the ideal employee relocation services provider.

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