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Relocating is frequently thought to be one of the most difficult life experiences. What will make it less stressful, though, is not worrying about the actual move. And that is exactly what Corrigan Moving provides. With over 90 years-worth of gained skills and the best movers Rochester has available, we will provide you a much-needed rest from the moving process. Reach out to us today and allow us to make your move easy and delightful.

90+ years of learned skills – at your service

Contrary to popular belief, moving can be quite enjoyable. First, it can be a complicated project. There are many chores to walk through, many of which can be extremely tiring. Second, time is always in deficit. This continual tension can make even the most menial item exhausting. Lastly, moving doesn’t make allowances for errors. The littlest blunder can escalate quickly and be a big issue. Now, all the hardships of moving start at the same source: experience. Or, to be precise, the lack of it. Thankfully, addressing this challenge is extremely straightforward.

For Corrigan Moving, experience is something that comes inherently. Our company was founded in 1929. That means we spent more than 90 years in the moving industry. For this time, our family business serviced countless of relocations. Our services evolved over the decades, and our knowledge and history did, too. We passed them down to each new generation of movers. That is the reason now, we are one of the best moving companies servicing Rochester.


What makes Corrigan Moving the best mover Rochester has?

One point-of-contact

You will have a responsive move coordinator to make sure everything happens as planned. She will also keep you updated on the current stage of the move. This person will be available to you at the very start. When you say “yes!” to Corrigan Moving, you will be paired with a move coordinator. She will help make sure you are set for the first move day. She will walk you through the move process and what you can plan for. You’ll be ready with the necessary documentations, too.

Throughout your relocation, when you have any questions or worries, your move coordinator is just a call or text away. She will make herself available to ensure everything runs seamlessly and you are communicated with at every stage.


Hiring and training the best

Every member of our team is a true specialist. They are fully dedicated to crafting a smooth moving experience. Corrigan Moving focuses on hiring talented and kind people, so each interaction is a positive one. Then we background check every crew member who worked at your home or business to ensure they are trustworthy.

Once we hire them, we don’t believe in permitting new employees learn on the go. We built a complete training facility so they participate in hands-on training well before entering your home or business.


Adaptable Services

Our solutions are versatile. We alter them to meet your expectations so you can have a tailor-made moving plan will be sure everything is successful. We understand that all relocations are unique and it’s impossible to use a all-purpose policy. That’s the reason every one of our move plans – residential moves and industrial moves – are tailored to your specific expectations.

As a member of the United cooperative, Corrigan Moving is part of a partnership of the top moving companies nationwide. We will help you move anyplace in the country or the world. We handle every relocation the same - with dedication and carefulness:


Moving services in Rochester

The expertise that we gain from years of service is an indispensable asset in any endeavor. But in moving – it’s essential. Experience itself can solve the most common moving challenges. Moreover, it can evade issues before they get a chance to become a challenge. Techniques cultivated through tens-of-thousands of relocations can accelerate the full process. They can make it more secure and quicker. Finally, having a veteran team of Rochester movers means you have someone to rely upon. It means you will have direction and security, every step of the way.


Home moving services:

Residential relocations are one of our specialties. Our residential movers in Rochester can assist you with your move to a new neighborhood, or to anyplace globally. You can sign up for our full-service move or use our help with just heavy lifting. Anyway, you can rely on a stress-free relocation that matches your requirements.


Commercial mover in Rochester:

As the preferred mover for lots of local companies and healthcare centers, Corrigan Moving has know-how with commercial moving. We understand that the efficiency and safety of your move is essential. Our mission is to always minimize downtime for our customers, so your employees can get back to work as soon as they can.


Moving can be a pleasant adventure with the right crew by your side

With Corrigan Moving, your move can be smooth and effortless. It can be manageable and breezy. A pleasant experience you can enjoy every minute of - just as it should be. Call us today and make sure you have the best movers Rochester has available. Select reliability, convenience, and a history of experience. Because you deserve a perfect relocation.

Regardless of where you are now, or where you are going, Corrigan Moving’s Midwest locations are able to move you wherever you want to go in the world.

Begin planning your stress-free move with our resource library
Browse through our curated collection of resource materials put together to help with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include how to pack videos, moving checklists, and important paperwork.