June 14, 2022

Corrigan Moving Receives Several Honors at Annual Learning Conference

In the past 90 years in operation, Corrigan has won masses of awards over the decades. But, every time we hear “Corrigan Moving!” revealed as the winner of a new accolade, the same rush of pride and excitement pulses through our veins. We’re thrilled to announce that our team left the Unigroup Learning Conference with more honors this year! In all, Corrigan locations and individual team members earned eight honors:

  • United Presidents Club honor- Farmington Hills, MI location
  • Centers Network Performance award – Cleveland, OH location
  • Heart of Quality- Cassandra McCann, Grand Rapids, MI location
  • Customer Excellence- Buffalo, NY office
  • Customer Excellence- Ann Arbor, MI location
  • Customer Excellence- Farmington Hills, MI branch
  • Masters Club Inner Circle-Logistics/Special Products-Myron Luikart
  • Masters Club Inner Circle-At Large- Myron Luikart
  • Million Dollar Club- Brandon Becker, Ann Arbor, MI office
  • Million Dollar Club- Tim Carney, Cleveland, OH branch
  • Million Dollar Club- Rob Galardi, Rochester, NY branch
  • Million Dollar Club- Craig James, Auburn Hills, MI location
  • Million Dollar Club- Mike Sparks, Buffalo, NY location


“We are excited to see the demanding work and dedication of our organization celebrated,” said David Corrigan, President of Corrigan Moving. “We know everything our offices and staff do on a daily basis to make our organization succeed; it’s wonderful to see that devotion celebrated. We have the most talented group of employees at Corrigan, having that showcased at this accolades ceremony makes me very proud.”

The annual Unigroup Learning Conference returned to an in-person affair this year. Hosted nearby the Unigroup headquarters in St. Louis, MO, the conference is attended by several affiliates from a mixture United and Mayflower offices throughout the U.S.. After 3 days of events including workshops and forums, the event always ends with an honor ceremony.

“I don’t recall the last conference we didn’t win an award of some kind,” said Kirk Hensler, Vice President of Operations. “That speaks to the degree of consistent character of our drivers, move experts and office team members. It’s great to never leave here empty handed.”

While many of Corrigan’s branches earned top honors, a few of Corrigan’s individual teammates took home awards in their specific divisions. For the second year straight, Cassandra McCann from the Grand Rapids, MI office received the Heart of Quality award. This honor is presented just to the highest level of relocation coordinators in the Unigroup system. To be suitable to win this award, relocation coordinators must have impeccable customer opinion scores and finish ongoing yearly training.

“We’ve had numerous move coordinators earn this award, and we’re so proud of Cassandra for winning two years back to back. She goes over and above for her customers. They realize how much she handles, we see it, and now she has an additional award to join to her stockpile,” said David Corrigan.


Myron Luikart works in Corrigan’s specialized Logistics branch, working mostly on large scale projects. “Receiving 2 Masters Club Inner Circle accolades in the same year is not easy to do, however he achieved it. If anyone has to find a way to get something completed, it’s Myron. He brings remarkable knowledge to our business and his clients. He manages many of our largest-scale jobs and handles them all with incredible attentiveness. He’s truly an asset for us, we’re happy he received some acknowledgement today,” said Kirk Hensler.

In addition to Luikart’s achievements, several members of Corrigan’s sales category were admitted into United’s elite Million Dollar Club for their exceptional sales achievements. These professionals display an exceptional devotion to excellence in yearly handled linehaul revenue. Honored were, Brandon Becker, Ann Arbor, MI branch, Tim Carney, Cleveland, OH office, Rob Galardi, Rochester, NY office, Craig James, Auburn Hills, MI branch and Mike Sparks, Buffalo, NY office. “All of these individuals have gone above and beyond in sales and definitely displayed a dedication to helping our clients,” stated David Corrigan. “We are honored to have all of them on our team.”

Three Corrigan offices earned the Customer Excellence honor, a distinguished accolade showcasing the devotion to customer satisfaction. After their move is finished, clients are asked to rank various portions of their relocation. This comprises the primary estimate process, their move coordinator, packing, loading and delivery stages. Each location corresponds to a various size category, contingent on how many relocations they service annually. To be eligible to win, each branch is required to have the best evaluation score in their size category, on top of meeting or exceeding the values set for claims (number of damage noted during a move), safety and certified labor.

“This is not a simple honor to earn. Standards are very high, and you need be almost perfect in every category. To have 3 locations win for their particular size categories once again showcases the honor we take in delivering top quality to our clients,” said David Corrigan.

Ultimately, the Cleveland location was recognized with the Centers Network Performance accolade. This accolade is related to the Snap Move Container Program, where a client pays for our crews to load, transport and deliver their items inside wooden containers. This service can accelerate service for smaller shipments, compared to traditional in-van moving options. The containers are transported to the closest United agent to where the customer is moving, who then assists with delivering the contents of those containers.

“The Centers Network Performance accolade is only presented to 2 agents. One recipient is for agents that service 0 to 200 containers, and the other winner is for over 200 containers,” said Kirk Hensler. “Corrigan Cleveland earned the Centers Network Performance honor for 0-200 containers. They were top amongst 94 agents. Standards that are reviewed are claims, efficiency in getting the containers prepared for pick up, efficiency in delivering inbound containers, and customer satisfaction.”

“It was fantastic to return to in person this year,” said David Corrigan, recollecting the conference. “It’s been a tough few years navigating the pandemic and now employment shortages. Spending time with our colleagues and discussing how they’re working through problems provides us refreshed ideas to bring back. A lot of these agencies are working through the same struggles we are and it’s a great opportunity to learn from one another, help one another and continue to foster good friendships with our agents. We depend on them to assist our customers in areas we don’t have a Corrigan branch. They realize they can always depend on Corrigan to supply top level service for all of their customers, as well. In all, this was a very successful event and I couldn’t be more honored of how Corrigan Moving was represented and awarded.”