June 10, 2024

Essential Peak Season Moving Tips

Essential Peak Season Moving Tips

Though “Peak Season” for any Auburn Hills moving company stretches from May through September, Peak Season comes into its own in June. With warmer temperatures and school schedules concluding, a lot of people find themselves starting out on a new chapter in a new place. While a time of excitement, peak season moving also has its own challenges. Availability may be limited, prices can vary, and understanding the logistics can cause anxiety. With careful planning and some expert tips and tricks from your trusted Auburn Hills moving company, Corrigan Moving Systems, you can ensure an easy and hassle-free move, even in the busiest time of year.


Understanding the Dynamics of the Peak Moving Season

Several factors contribute to this increase in moving activity in the summertime, including:

  • End of the School Year: Parents with kids in school tend to prefer to move over the summer to lessen interruption to their children's studies.
  • Favorable Weather Conditions: The warmer Auburn Hills weather and more sunlight make the summer months a great time for a move, resulting in easier logistics and reducing the risk of inclement weather delays.
  • Professional Relocations and Job Prospects: Many households seize the opportunity to relocate for career progression or job opportunities, particularly as businesses increase hiring initiatives.
  • End of Leases and Real Estate Trends: Rental Leases commonly expire during the summer, prompting tenants to look for new accommodations. Additionally, the property market tends to reach its high point in the summer, with many Auburn Hills homebuyers and homeowners benefiting from favorable market conditions.

Key Considerations Before Hiring a Auburn Hills Moving Company

  1. Research Thoroughly: Not all Auburn Hills moving companies are on the same level, so it's important to conduct thorough research before making your choice. Look for moving companies with a documented reputation of reliable service, professionalism, and positive customer reviews. Websites such as Google Reviews, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau are valuable tools for evaluating moving companies' reputations.
  2. Get Multiple Quotes: Before deciding on a moving company, obtain moving quotes from numerous movers to compare rates, services offered, and available scheduling options. Though affordability is a big deal, prioritize value and quality of service over solely opting for the lowest-price option.
  3. Verify Valuation: When reviewing your estimates, be certain you ask what valuation level is included. This could be anywhere from Free Basic Coverage to Full Protection. Ensure your move has the level of coverage you are comfortable with, listed clearly on your quote, prior to signing any move documents.

Planning is Paramount: The Early Bird Gets the Truck

  • Schedule Your Move Right Away: Don't wait until the last minute to secure your Auburn Hills moving company. In peak season, reputable moving companies get booked quickly. Contact Corrigan Moving Systems for a complimentary moving quote ahead of time to secure your desired moving date.
  • Stay Flexible: If you are able, be flexible with your moving date. High-demand times like weekends and month-end are commonly the most popular times. Look into a weekday move or a date in the off season (the latter part of spring or the beginning of fall) to maybe get better prices and availability.
  • Declutter and Downsize: The less you have to move, the less expensive it will be. Set aside time before the move to declutter your belongings. Give away, sell, or recycle excess belongings to lighten the load for your movers and lower your moving bill.
Downsize and Declutter Before Your Auburn Hills Move

Proper Preparation is Crucial: Pack Like a Pro

  • Collect Packing Materials: Collect moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, and other necessary packing supplies early. Anticipate needing more than you think – it's better to have more than enough than be short on moving day.
  • Prepare a "First Night Essentials" Box: Create a special box containing all the critical things you'll require on your first night in your new place, such as personal care items, PJs, a spare outfit, prescriptions, and a few comfort items to make you feel at home.
  • Clearly Label All Boxes: Clearly label every box with the room it’s going to and a brief summary of what's inside. This will save you time and confusion when settling in at your new location.

Communication is King: Communicate with Your Moving Company

  • Keep Open Lines of Communication: Keep your moving company in the loop of any plan modifications, such as modifications to the inventory or your preferred moving date.
  • Ask Questions: Feel free to ask your moving company questions. A trustworthy Auburn Hills moving company like Corrigan Moving Systems will be happy to address any concerns you may have and guarantee a seamless relocation.
  • Confirm Everything in Writing: Have all agreements and cost estimates documented in writing before moving day. This ensures clarity on fees, included services, and any supplementary charges that may come up.

Corrigan Moving Systems: Your Partner in Peak Season

At Corrigan Moving Systems, we understand the challenges of moving during peak season. That's why we're dedicated to offering our customers with excellent service, transparent communication, and a smooth moving experience, regardless of the time of year.


Here are the ways in which Corrigan Moving Systems can be your trusted Auburn Hills moving company in peak season:

  • Professional Crews: Our expert moving teams are extensively trained and skilled in managing every part of your move efficiently.
  • Flexible Scheduling: We coordinate with you to choose a move date that fits your schedule, even during peak season.
  • Clear Pricing: We have clear and transparent moving quotes with no hidden fees, so you can manage your budget.
  • Reliable Communication: Our committed customer service team will update you throughout the whole moving process.

How Corrigan Moving Systems Can Help

Managing a move during the peak moving season can be challenging, but with the right Auburn Hills moving company by your side, the process becomes much easier. At Corrigan Moving Systems, we know the unique challenges and nuances of the peak moving season and are focused on providing exceptional service to our Auburn Hills customers. By following these key considerations and employing the experience of a reliable Auburn Hills moving company, you can enjoy a stress-free and successful move to your new home. Get in touch with us to discover even more ways we can help with your upcoming move during the busy summer season.