March 11, 2024

How Auburn Hills Local Movers Safeguard Your Specialty Items

How Auburn Hills Local Movers Safeguard Your Specialty Items
During local moves, protecting specialty items and fragile possessions becomes a major concern for Auburn Hills people heading out on a journey to their new home. Whether it's treasured family heirlooms, priceless antiques, or fragile artwork, these items often hold invaluable sentimental and monetary value, underscoring the need for care and meticulous attention during the moving process. Trusting the task to experienced Auburn Hills local movers will give you crucial peace of mind, making sure your treasured possessions arrive safely at their destination.

Here are some tips and tricks for ensuring fragile possessions are handled safely by your local movers:

  1. Communicate with Your Movers: Provide clear instructions to your local movers for the sensitive belongings requiring special handling during your initial in-home or virtual survey. Communicate any particular instructions or concerns you have regarding these belongings to make sure they receive the appropriate care during the transition.
  2. Use Proper Packing Materials: Invest in proper packing materials, such as strong boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and protective foam peanuts, to protect delicate possessions during transit. Avoid using newspaper for wrapping fragile possessions, as the ink can transfer which will cause damage. Blank newspaper or tissue paper work great for protecting your fragile pieces.
  3. Pack Delicate Items Separately: Pack fragile items separately from other possessions to avoid damage during transport. Use enough cushioning materials, like bubble wrap or packing paper, to give extra protection. Be sure that fragile possessions are packed inside of a dish pack box, as those are twice as strong as standard boxes and designed to hold fragile belongings of various shapes and sizes.
  4. Label Boxes Clearly: Clearly mark boxes containing breakable items as "Fragile” to inform your movers to treat them gently. Additionally, consider using colored stickers or tape to distinguish these boxes further from others.
  5. Pack Fragile Items Vertically: When packing fragile possessions such as plates or picture frames, pack them vertically rather than laying them horizontally. This decreases the risk of breakage during transit.
  6. Secure Items Inside Boxes: Ensure that valuables are packed securely inside boxes and stay in place during transit. Use packing materials like clothing items, towels, or packing paper to fill any gaps and provide additional cushioning.
  7. Consider Custom Crating: For extremely delicate or precious items, consider investing in tailor-made wooden crates to offer      optimal protection during transport. Your Auburn Hills local movers can help you in arranging for custom crating services if needed.
  8. Inform Movers of Special Considerations: If there are any possessions with unique handling needs, such as electronics requiring extra care or priceless paintings, make sure to inform your local movers in advance. They can take the needed precautions to make sure these possessions are moved safely.
  9. Inquire About Valuation: Liability can be different from state to state, so consult your Auburn Hills local movers about the liability of packing possessions yourself vs. having the local movers do it for you. Further, you want to understand the level of coverage you have for items not being packed in case anything is damaged in transit.

Corrigan's Approach to Handling Delicate Items During Local Moves

Auburn Hills Local Movers Safeguarding Your Specialty Items 

As a full-service Auburn Hills moving company, Corrigan has a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline every dimension of your relocation journey. From professional packing and loading to transportation and unpacking assistance, our local Auburn Hills movers handle all the logistics with care and expertise, allowing you to focus on the joy of starting fresh in your new home.

Our approach to handling precious items during local moves is centered around customized service and meticulous attention to detail. Our experienced Auburn Hills team works closely with you to create a personalized moving plan that accounts for your specific preferences, guaranteeing a seamless and stress-free transition to your new home. We acknowledge the individual challenges and considerations involved in securing your specialty items and delicate possessions, and we take pride in our capability to customize our services to meet your needs.

Corrigan has a vast network of third-party Auburn Hills professionals that we partner with consistently and trust. These third-party companies provide services that Corrigan can’t, like custom crating highly-valuable artwork or disassembling a marble statue for proper handling. These local relationships mean that Corrigan is never taking risks with your precious belongings. If a possession is beyond our area of expertise, we can arrange all necessary services for you, and our local movers work in tandem with select third-party companies to guarantee proper handling of all items and the move plan executed flawlessly.

When it comes to protecting your specialty items and fragile possessions during a move, trusting the task to experienced local movers like Corrigan Moving Systems can provide priceless peace of mind and assurance. With our history of excellence and commitment to tailored service, we are dedicated to making your relocation experience as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Reach out to us today to explore how we can turn your moving dreams into a reality and embark on this exciting new chapter together.